About Norvic Tiling

Norvic Tiling is about quality, your average tiling company. We aim to provide quality. Also with our commitment to not only quality workmanship but to each and every aspect of our job. Because this commitment allows us to work collectively in designing and delivering our best work.


Highly respected within the industry we engage in all works. From residential, retail, commercial, strata and industrial. Aiming to always push the boundaries of tiling design and wow every client we work for. Norvic tilling offers a cut above within our industry.

Vanity Tiles

Vanity Tiles


We have been operating for lots of years. This means that when you’ve got a question. We’ve got the answer. Our years of experience and dedication to our passion. Give you the confidence that you’re in the best care when it comes to anything bathroom or tiling related. We don’t make claims, we deliver satisfaction. Don’t hesitate to speak with your local bathroom experts and tiling specialists today.

We offer the following Service:


Indoor and Outdoor Tiling. Full Bathroom renos. Waterproofing, Pool Tiling, Complete Tiling, and waterproofing Specialists.


We have a great understanding of our client expectations. Also providing honest and reliable tiling solutions for each specific project. We have the product knowledge. Therefore we use high-performance materials. To re-grout showers, install new tiling, and complete bathroom renovations. Tile a large floor area, fix problem area tiling, such as poor tile drainage or install/replace worn silicone and waterproofing. As qualified and licensed professional tilers. We treat each job with a level of importance and respect to ensure a quality finish.